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These are a few places to find help on this site... with more options hopefully coming soon. is a closed community for the most part -- more private than public. To keep it that way, we have installed a security certificate, which encrypts all data uploaded/downloaded (including passwords), as well as a personal login to access 99% of the site. Most content cannot be viewed unless logged in. Only approved people can register for an account on

This is why I think it is safe to post your birthdates and cell phone numbers on this site, as it is fairly locked down. It will be helpful for us to know we can always go to someone's profile to get their current address and phone info. That said, I am not naively assuming that our intranet will never, ever get hacked; but in a community our size, I think it is unlikely our site will be targeted.

So who will be allowed to register?

To answer this question, let's take a look at three subsets of people:

If you don't log in, you will miss out on 95% of the content of the site. This is an added security layer built into this site for privacy and protection of data.

So every session, you will always need to log in as soon as you get to the site.

If you have never logged in yet, you'll need to have an Admin create an account for you. Just click the "create an account" link in the login form. When registering, please use your email account (preferably not...

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