TERMS AND CONDITIONS for use of A2community.net

These are the terms of service that you agreed to when you registered on A2community.net.  They apply to all of our registered members.

  1. I promise to play nice and have fun.

  2. Because A2community.net is a secure website for Asian Access and contains personal information, I agree not to invite people to join who are outside the A2 Community -- this is limited to Asian Access staff (including spouses and children), board members, national directors, working team members, regional/zone coordinators, resource coordinators, A2 faculty, A2 alumni and current leadership development participants -- anyone directly involved in Asian Access. Unfortunately at present, space constraints make it impossible to open up membership to spouses of leadership development participants.

  3. Relatedly, because there is a space limitation, I will not upload large quanitities of photos (max=200) or videos (max=20) -- but aim for those that will encourage the A2 community and will help others to connect with me.

Greetings my intranet buddies!

Many of you have successfully logged into the intranet, but some have hit a snag or two.  If you are experiencing login problems on the intranet, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: Carefully read the instructions that were sent to you; they really do help you avoid some common mistakes.
  2. Remember to use the latest login sent to you in an email by the Administrator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  3. PERSONAL LOGIN: If the login fields are not present in the right sidebar, click the "LOGIN" link at the top right. Enter your PERSONAL login (yourusername + yourpassword). Then click the "login" button. You can select "Remember Me" if you are using a private computer. Otherwise, if using a public computer, do not select "Remember me."
  4. REMOVING OLD LOGINS: If you change your password, sometimes your old password can stay in your browser's memory, and this can be annoying. Users should probably delete any old login (username/password) combinations from their browsers to make things more simple; but do this only if you know what you're doing, so that you do not delete all your passwords!!)
    1. In Firefox, you can find/remove your saved passwords in:
      1. Windows: Tools / Options / Security tab / Saved Passwords... [button]
      2. Mac:  Firefox / Preferences / Security tab / Saved Passwords... [button]
    2. In Safari, you can find your saved passwords in Safari / Preferences / Auto Fill tab / User names and passwords / Edit... [button]
    3. Then remove all old occurrences of the old GROUP login combination (e.g., A2staff, A2com*Net, etc...).
  5. CLEAR YOUR CACHE: Advanced users might also clear their browser's cache before restarting your browser and trying to login; check the FAQs to see the article: "How do I clear my browser cache?".
  6. RESTART YOUR BROWSER: Sometimes quitting your browser and restarting helps.
  7. CHECK OUT THE FAQs: The frequently asked questions can help you learn more.
  8. WRITE DOWN ERROR MESSAGES: If you still cannot get into the site, note any error message you receive; write down the error message, if any.
  9. EMAIL JEFF FOR HELP: Send me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) an email detailing your experience, including your error messages.  Sending me a message that says "Jeff, I can't login. What should I do?" doesn't really help me figure out the problem.  Please give me more details so that I can help you troubleshoot and find a solution.  For example:  
    • a) Let me know the steps you took and what happened when you took them. Where/when exactly did the breakdown occur?
    • b)What browser/version number are you using? Did you try more than one browser; if so, which one(s)? WHat platform are you using (e.g., Windows 8, MacOSX 10.9).
    • c) Let me know if this is the first time you’ve ever logged before, or if you've you been able to access the site prior to this difficulty?

So please give me information concerning the problems you experienced.  This will give me a little more to go on when diagnosing your problem and recommending next steps.

Thanks and I trust that everyone will be able to regularly login to the intranet without problems!  There are some new articles and photos, plus several new prayer requests to read.

in Christ,
Jeff Johnston | A2community.net administrator

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